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College Fashionista Mock Article: A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

After following my school's College Fashionista blog posts for the past year, I finally decided to apply for the "Style Guru" internship on the College Fashionista website. There are two parts to the application process; firstly, you have to answer a series of questions regarding your experience with blogging or journalism/writing, and if you have any photography experience. Besides the questions on mechanical abilities, they also want some insight on why exactly you're applying, and how you heard of the internship. After you send in the first part of the application, you are asked to write a mock article and take pictures of a college student; as you would for an actual weekly article. I am extremely excited for how my article turned out, and decided to share it with you all! I hope you enjoy! (& major credit goes out to Victoria for being such a fantastic model!)

Style Advice of the Week: A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

As a college student, one of the first rules to remember when buying new clothes is that functionality is key. I personally believe that it is extremely important to invest in many versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, and worn in different ways. Accessories play a huge role in completely transforming even the simplest pieces, which is what initially caught my eye in this outfit.
            Following a monochromatic color scheme for the foundation of her outfit, this Fashionista proved that this cranberry beanie from Forever 21 could really top off a dark neutral outfit. Contrasting brighter colors against a darker color scheme is extremely important when it comes to styling; it adds more depth to an edgier or neutral outfit. A stark white quilted vest with a dark gray jersey sweatshirt creates a contrast in both color and texture, creating a softer and much more feminine effect.
            It’s amazing how much a perfect pair of jeans can really dress up an outfit. These high-waisted dark gray skinny jeans from Express provide the perfect wash to juxtapose the monochromatic color scheme. Pairing a black military boot with a dark skinny jean can sometimes prove to be problematic, the lighter fade allowed for some more depth and dimension. Mixing colors of the same shade can be intimidating; remember that sometimes wearing the same shade from head to toe can be unflattering or even look sloppy. However, mixing knits, washes, and different shades of the same color palette allows for some variety and is much more appealing to the eye.
            As a college student, comfort is key when dressing for class; especially towards the winter months. This can be tricky, but incorporating some of your comfier clothes can still look put-together and chic with the right accessories. My personal favorite aspect of this outfit, reminiscent of an old J. Crew trick featured in their Style Guides from time to time, is how she styled her sweatshirt to look less like loungewear by balancing it with the rest of her outfit. Playing with proportions, she decided to follow an old rule; play a loose top against a tightly fitting bottom. It’s slimming, and doesn’t look sloppy- overall, a win-win situation.
            When you think “sweatshirt”, you most likely don’t think of chic. However, styling a structured statement necklace, like this one from J. Crew can take even the bulkiest of tops and make it feel polished. Entirely gold jewelry against a gray ensemble may seem risky, however in this situation it stood out. Contrasting jewelry tones adds visual interest, especially one that is both diamond and gold. It’s unexpected, but still manages to soften this outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Contrasting colors and textures can be risky, but as long as you are mindful of making sure that they are cohesive and catch the eye rather than clash, it can look incredibly put together.”

Style On,

Sarah Selip

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