"When I was in the 4th grade, I wrote my first book report ever on Jackie Kennedy and her iconic style, & never looked back"

Launched in fall 2014, I began Pittsburgh & Pearls as my way to channel my penchant for fashion and beauty. I realized that my personal style had developed significantly when I entered college (after graduating from what felt like infinite years of private school uniforms). My heart no longer ached for oxfords, and the idea of wearing plaid even started to become appealing! Soon enough, I had established my personal style: what I like to call, a modern feminine take on classic preppy style. 

I love coffee, red velvet cupcakes, fresh flowers, brunch-ing (yes, its a verb!), tennis, and wearing heels whenever appropriate. My absolute tried-and-true favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of pearl studs that I received as a graduation present in high school. Hence, Pittsburgh & Pearls. I can hardly go a day without them!

Beyond my passion for everything fashion, I love to travel; my ideal day is an adventure through the city with my friends. My two favorite places to visit are NYC and DC. I live for spontaneous trips and good food, so recommendations are always encouraged!

But, beyond that, writing has helped me establish a better sense of self. So, welcome to what I consider my highlight reel.

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